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Decimo began making bespoke boots and shoes over 10 years ago. The brand's traditional savoir-faire remains to this day.

Our Story

Decimo began making bespoke boots and shoes over 10 years ago. The brand's traditional savoir-faire remains to this day. Bespoke means designing and manufacturing shoes to conform perfectly both to the shape of the client's foot and to his aesthetic wishes. This artisanal process is carried out in the Italian workshop in Milano. Each pair requires an average of 50 hours work by highly qualified craftsmen.


All starts from an idea, a vision, a dream. Then a design, a last....the kind of character the shoe will have to communicate. Thereafter the propper materials are chosen,selecting carefully every detail and combination.

I. Blake Method

Blake Rapid construction is the best compromise between quality and price. Once the upper is lasted a first midsole is applied and stitched with the Blake machine to insole and upper. Afterwards a second water resistant letaher sole is stitched with the Rapid machine to the first insole or midsole..this makes the shoe water proof for at least 4/6 hrs.

II. Goodyear method

The Goodyear construction is extreemly elegant,inside it hides a secret of an incomparable technical perfection. The raw materials which are put under a certain stress considering the need of supporting the strain of the stitch have to be top quality and sturdiness. When wearing the shoe it adapts itself to your foot shape first fit feels hard but after a few days wear it will become the most comfortable shoe you have ever worn.

III. Norvegese method

Norwegian construction is one of the most complex constructions in footwear. It's very laborious and requires a long time to execute...all operations are done by hand. The realisation begins after the upper has been skilfully shaped to the last. You needs two kinds of stitchings to complete the work...the first sticth ties the upper to the midsole,the second ties the upper to the sole.


By Request

* We can come to your office, hotel or residence.
* To arrange for a specialized fitting appointment please, send a request.

Decimo shoes mobile fitting services offers a qualified shoe fitter to come to you. In one of our specialized appointment we will measure and assess your exact shoe size and tailor to your preferences.

This premium service is exclusive to Milano customers only and comes at an extra charge.

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